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Walk the Ilfracombe Torrs 

The twisting and turning zig-zag walk to the top of the Ilfracombe Torrs was carved into the cliff face by the Victorians. See the fantastic views of the North Devon coastline and Ilfracombe.

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South West Coast Path Walk 

Come to the beach anywhere in the South West of England, turn left or right and you'll be on the South West Costal Path. With 630 miles of super coastline, heritage, wildlife, geology and truly inspirational scenery.

Why not start on the 3.2 mile section that runs in front The Devonian.

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Tunnels Beaches

Hand carved in the 1820's, the four tunnels provide a truly unique experience. Read extensive history information throughout the site – including hilarious guides to Victorian etiquette for boys, girls and for when boating with ladies!
Sit back and admire the lovely rugged scenery while the kids play safely in the tidal pool or explore the fantastic rock pools - the've been rated the 3rd best beach for rock pooling in the UK by BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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Rafting through caves

Coasteering, Kayaking, Surfing and Wild Swimming are just a few of the unforgettable experiences on offer in this outstanding area of natural beauty.

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